The Institute of Municipal Personnel Practitioners of Southern Africa abbreviated as “IMPSA” is a legal entity without profit motive.

The mission of the “IMPSA” is the promotion of the interests of its members and the development of professional knowledge and skills, which are of primary importance and central to the philosophy of IMPSA. This vision must be seen in the light of the aim of IMPSA, namely to empower its members to ensure excellent rendition of services in local authorities by way of professional human resources management.

It is also an integral part of the mission to ensure an inclusive and representative membership. A professional code of conduct comprising of general ethical principles, which all members must observe, forms an integral part of the Constitution of the Institute. This code of conduct serves as a guide for all members to uphold the highest standards of integrity and independence, which is fundamental to the profession of personnel practice.


The institute is managed by the Institute Board, comprising of the President who holds office for two years, two Vice- Presidents who also holds office for two years, two elected representatives from each province, the chairperson of each branch and the Head of Administration.



The Institute endeavours to develop all its members in order to enhance capacity and skills. For this purpose it provides for workshops and seminars as well as training programs in conjunction with various educational institutions, including distance-learning facilities.



The Institute Board operates through a committee system on which various members serve, depending on their expertise and through its branches.

Currently the following branches exist:


  • Cape Branch – Representing members in the Western Cape and Northern Cape Province
  • Eastern Cape Division – Representing members in the Eastern Cape Province but forms part of the Cape Branch
  • Free State/KZN Branch – Representing members in the Free State Province and KZN
  • Gauteng Branch – Representing members in the Gauteng Province
  • Norlanga Branch – Representing members in the North West Province, Limpopo Province and Mpumalanga

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