Professional Code of Conduct

A Personnel Practitioner:

  • Shall make the public interest his priority in the execution of his responsibilities to his employer, employee, or client and the profession;
  • Shall conduct him in such a way as to uphold the dignity, esteem and good name of the profession;
  • Shall fulfil his duty toward his employer, employee or client to the best of his ability;
  • Shall not accept work for which he is not adequately trained or does not have sufficient experience;
  • Shall not recruit or solicit professional employment in an improper manner;
  • Shall not advertise his professional services in a self-laudatory manner or in any other way which is detrimental to the dignity of the profession;
  • Shall not compete for work in an unethical manner;
  • Shall not maliciously or recklessly damage the good name, prospects or interests of any other person or organisation, either directly or indirectly;
  • Shall not use, for his personal gain, or make public any information concerning any person or organisation with which he has dealings in practicing his profession. In a court of law professional privilege will only be broken in compliance with an instruction of the presiding office in the court; and
  • Shall at all times and in all circumstances, as regards personnel practice, act in accordance with the rules and conduct as prescribed by the Institute.

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